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Why You Should Hire an Agency that is a Google Partner

Why You Should Hire an Agency that is a Google Partner

If you run any business, you are likely familiar with the importance of digital marketing. You also probably understand how Google is a significant player in the digital marketing field. From Google My Business to Paid Pay Per Click and Paid Ads Manager, Google is...

How to Increase Your Website Speed?

How to Increase Your Website Speed?

If you think that speeding up your website is not important then think again. Even a one-second delay in page load time can result in: 11% fewer page views 16% decrease in customer satisfaction 7% loss in conversions (sales) A few extra seconds in speed...

How To Get Your Business on Google Maps

How To Get Your Business on Google Maps

Showing up on Google Maps is absolutely essential for attracting new customers. Having your business properly listed on Google My Business, and appearing in search results can be the difference of making it big and being forgotten. With a verified Google My Business...

Effective Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales

It seems that just about everyone is trying to sell something online today, and there is a constant push to increase traffic and conversions. But after you’ve assembled your basic marketing strategy, how do you decide which tactics are going to give you the best...

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is Better For My Business?

Today, there are a variety of digital advertising platforms you can choose from to build brand awareness and boost sales. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the top pay-per-click advertising platforms that can generate great results if used correctly. Many businesses use...

Why does SEO take so long to show results?

Regardless of the SEO strategy you choose, you will need to allow some time after implementing it to see some results. But how long should you expect to wait? The answer can vary, but it is based on a number of factors, including your site’s age, your site’s content,...

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