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The Kids’ Table

The Kids’ Table is a Toronto company that delivers prepared healthy and delicious kids’ meals right to the doors of busy parents. The Kids’ Table began working with SmartComm from the ground up; starting with website development and SEO to full paid marketing and email marketing campaigns.


Revenue Increase Per Month (First 4 Months)

Meals Delivered

Months Since Launch

Website Development

The Kids’ Table came to Smart Communications with a design and their idea of an eCommerce platform for ordering healthy kids’ meals for delivery. Because they had a specific design they wanted, and since the website had some unique development requirements, our experts at Smart Comm felt it was most suitable to use WordPress integrated with WooCommerce for this project.

The website was designed and developed with all the basic SEO foundations in mind including; proper use of heading tags, alt tags for all images, landing pages, keywords visible in website content and permalinks, FAQ page, and a website blog relating to healthy eating for kids.

Order by postal code

Orders can be made only if the customer lives within specific postal codes.

Custom slide-out cart

Custom ordering page with popup module for items and ajax slide-out cart.

Gift Cards

Customers can purchase a gift card and send it to a recipient to use on the website.

Dynamic pricing model

The more items added to the cart – the customer will be issued an automatic discount.

Minimum 6 meal order

Orders can be made only if customer chooses at least 6 items in the “meals” category.

Paid Search

With the rise of food delivery services in the city especially during the unprecedent times of the pandemic. The Kids’ Table approached us with the idea of a Toronto company that delivers prepared healthy and delicious kids” meals right to the doors of busy parents.

Armed with nothing but a bare bones company concept of delivering healthy kid’s meals, our client needed to build everything from the ground up.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Food is extremely visual and makes a statement easily with color synergy. With an addition of a good story and most importantly a tasty experience to win the hearts of the family.

Video advertising is a cost-effective, high volume, and high engagement medium through which to get the The Kids’ Table brand in front of more people during the awareness stage

Going with an explainer video that sends the brand message across and ensures “top of mind” for customers. We tested with high quality video creatives to precisely understand every aspect of video marketing i.e. kinds of videos, their length, aspect ratios and all such queries to engage the right kind of audience.

The stated goal of phase 1 was to introduce various channels and ad formats to gain an understanding of what worked best.


Revenue Increase Per Month (First 4 Months)

Meals Delivered

Months Since Launch

E-Mail Marketing

By phase 2, The Kids’ Table and Smart Communications team understood where to focus and expand resources to maximize reach and revenue.

This included a greater focus on email campaigns which saw a 30% increase in revenue and 100% increase in email subscriptions. Our growth in retention was powered by breaking down our email subscribers on where they are in the marketing funnel and creating email nurture journeys that focused on our brand, service and meals.


In E-Mail Subscribers


Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in ROAS from Special Offers


Increase in Revenue (Month over Month)