Smart Comm is a Toronto-based professional website design and digital marketing agency. Our expert team prides itself on offering top-notch service to its clients; we always want our clients to have the best digital design and strategy for their business. One common aspect of running a business we see owners commonly overlook is the importance of maintaining the safety of their online presence. Whether or not multiple people have access to your social media accounts, it is essential to take sufficient precautions in keeping your business safe. 

Choose Strong Passwords

The first thing you can do as a business owner looking to expand its presence online starts with a strong password. Our agency is fond of tools such as How Secure Is My Password and the recent Apple update to suggest a new strong password. Mac products will automatically compile very complicated and unique passwords and save them to your saved passwords on your phone or MacBook. This tool is excellent for people who have a hard time thinking of a unique password. We suggest using passwords that do not involve specific names or dates, as these can be easily guessed and hacked.

Approve Two-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication is another excellent way to maintain the safety of your social media account. This method typically requires two different ways to prove your account is yours. Two-factor can request a specific code sent to the accounts associated report or have the user correctly answer a security question. Instead of only requiring a password, two-factor authentication needs to steps completed before accessing the account. 

Store Passwords Properly 

If you have multiple profiles on several different social media platforms, it may be challenging to remember every password off the top of your head. This issue can be amplified if multiple people need access to your accounts. Where are these passwords being shared? Through text, email, private DMs, google accounts, etc.? Hackers can access these conversations if they try hard enough, which is why our team suggests investing in password storage programs. Investing in cyber security or having one specific locked excel sheet will be safer for your account.

Be Selective with Third Party Applications 

Unfortunately, not all apps are built the same. Many third-party apps request access to different parts of your phone, from photos, location, text messages, and more. We recommend you be wary of applications you approve to, read the fine print before you authorize all access. Revoke access to apps you may not need or use to ensure optimal account safety. 

Do Not Click Suspicious Links

Do not click on any suspicious links, especially those sent to you unexpectedly. Even when it’s a close friend sending you a suspicious link you should assume their account has been hacked or compromised. The best thing to do in this case is to call them directly and ask if they actually sent you a link and for what reason.

Call Smart Comm For All Your Digital Marketing Needs 

We hope this article has unpacked the main ways you can keep your business safe online so you can feel confident investing in digital marketing. If you’re Instagram or Facebook account was hacked, compromised, or wrongfully taken down, reach out to our team at Smart Comm or fill out the inquiry form on our website, and we will recover it for you!