Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

We are experts in using social media to promote your brand.

At Smart Comm we understand that having interactive and aesthetically pleasing social media accounts is crucial to taking your business to new heights. Our experts will be able to manage your entire social media account. From strategic posting and engagement to full out social marketing campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns, Smart Comm has got the personnel to take care of all your needs!

Account Management

We will organize a calendar scheduling all of your posts for each month.

Marketing Campaigns

We will run giveaways, polls, UGC campaigns, and promote sales and products in ways to help users convert

Influencer Marketing

We work with various influencers who can promote your product or service to their follwers.


We will engage with your audience via liking, sharing, commenting, as well as answering DM’s.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to choosing an influencer who is right for your business we at Smart Comm take a qualifying approach to find the right fit. We will select creators who are aligned with your brand’s image and values to ensure a seamless collaboration.

We focus on working with creators that have a refined, premium, slightly-edgy image. Creators who place an emphasis on engaging with their followers on a consistent basis. Our influencers include both micro-influencers (high loyalty niche-based following usually between 5-50k) and mega-influencers (50k-1M followers making it easy to extend your brands reach and awareness).

Our approach involves a simple, efficient, and thorough process taken to organize all creators and track their KPIs. This ensures that you get what you are paying for!

Creative Web Design

Crafting beautiful websites that will keep your users engaged.

Web Development

Building user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate.


Growing brands through creative design and marketing strategies.

Logo Design

We create memorable logos that represent your brand’s values.

Digital Marketing

We employ strategic marketing campaigns online to help your brand grow.


Shopify & WordPress websites that connect with the user and converts them into customers.